Introducing Peak

One thing I’ve noticed since we moved into our office is that I’m less productive than I used to be when I worked from home. It took me a while to put my finger on why, but I finally figured it out: Shoulder taps. When I worked from home, I’d choose when to check my email or take a call. At the office, I have no choice but be interrupted when someone walks up to my desk to ask me a question or get my opinion on something.

Studies confirm that it takes people up to 25 minutes to refocus after being interrupted. This means that if the average employee gets interrupted a couple times a day, they’re losing hours of productive time. We know we can’t eliminate the dreaded shoulder tap altogether, but lately we’ve been on a mission to minimize them as much as possible and I think we’re onto something.

After talking to the team about how we could cut down on interruptions, it became clear that while we use tools like Flow to discuss most of our work passively online, there are some conversations that almost always seem to be had in person. With most team members, it was their manager checking in to see what they were up to. We tried getting everyone to do this via email or daily huddles, but it always broke down after a couple weeks. We also tried using time tracking, but not only did people hate having to manually enter their time (and often forgot), but a time log didn’t give us a realistic picture of someone’s actual output for the day. As a result, we ended up building something ourselves.

Today, we’re excited to announce Peak. It’s pretty simple: It connects with all of the cloud services that you already use (Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, Flow, Basecamp, Gmail, Harvest, Ballpark, and more) and shares what everyone is up to. There’s nothing to input, upload, or type in. Your teammates don’t ever need to log in ever again once it’s setup, it’s totally automated.

As you use Peak more, it will also start sharing neat insights based on your team’s activity. For example:

"Marshall has started working nights lately"
“Tim is drowning in email”
“John has been less active than usual”
“Brandon has been working longer days lately”
“Your team is most active on Monday afternoons”
“Most team members work around 6 hours per day”

You can also set custom alerts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks:

“Notify me when anyone uploads a PSD to Dropbox”
“Notify me when anyone is inactive for more than 24 hours”
“Notify me when Jason is active more than 40 hours per week”
“Notify me when my team is less active than usual”

While we’re super excited to share Peak with the world, we’re taking things slow this time. Inspired by what 37signals is doing with Know Your Company—another app we love that solves a huge problem in the workplace—we’re trying something new when it comes to sign up. Instead of opening up the flood gates and letting everyone in on day one, we’re going to be hand picking companies to join the service and taking a more hands on approach to sales.

We’ll likely move to a self-serve model in the near future, but we really want to walk customers through the product, ensure a fit, and learn about their needs as we go. We’re just getting started, and we want to take this time to learn as much as we can from our early customers.

If you think your company could be a good fit, we’d love to have you on board. Sign up today at



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